Holiday Menu

 Poppy can take a limited number of special orders via email only, . Find us at one of several pop-up shops this holiday season. Sunday November 18th, at the Dolce Bazaar, Caffe Dolce (Brooks location). Sunday December 2nd, at the Cold Moon Collective, Montgomery Distillery. Saturday December 22nd, at the Winter Mercantile, Western Cider.

S’mores Buche de Noel (Yule Log)

Yellow cake rolled up with chocolate pastry cream and salted graham cracker pie crust, finished with chocolate buttercream, graham cracker crumbs, resin candy, toasted marshmallow mushrooms, and dried local floral for a realistic Yule log centerpiece. Serves about 10.


 Green Tea with Lemon Mossy Yule Log

 Green tea cake rolled up with lemon cream, finished with birch bark buttercream, meringue mushrooms, sesame brittle, matcha crumb, and powdered sugar to look like a skiff of snow on a mossy forest log. Serves about 10.


Apple and Walnut Frangipane Tart

Bitterroot apples and a browned butter walnut cream in fluted pastry. Serves about 10.


Cream Cheese Cherry Pie

A Fawcett family favorite. New York cheesecake in a salted graham cracker crust, topped with Flathead cherries. Serves about 9.


Huckleberry Thyme Pie

Huckleberries baked inside an all-butter pie crust with citrus and thyme, finished with a herringbone lattice top and wreathed in thyme sugar. Serves about 9.


Sweet Potato Pie with Toasted Meringue

Spiced sweet potato custard topped with a tall swirl of bruleed Italian meringue. Serves about 10.


Figgy Pudding

For my Dad, who loved a Dickensian Christmas. A steamed bundt cake filled with dried figs, grated apple, honey, molasses, and a good draught of brandy. Serves about 8.


Walnut Whiskey Pie

Working class bourbon pecan. Roasted walnuts in a salted caramel custard, with brandied creme fraiche. Serves about 10.


Cheddar Thyme Pull-Apart Bread

French bread rolled up with butter, garlic, sharp cheddar, thyme, salt, and pepper, chopped into bits and tossed willy-nilly into a pan and baked into a two pound tear and share loaf. Serves about 9.


Snowflake Shortbread Cookies

A dozen salted shortbread cookies decorated with snowflake details in a lemony royal icing.